Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did I get into shooting weddings?

About 5 years ago, a friend was having to do her wedding on a budget. She had seen some of my work, but I'd never done a wedding. She took a chance and asked me to do it. I had been wanting to get into weddings but had been told by several people to be an assistant first and not to jump in with both feet yet. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided I would do it. I was proud of myself at the time for taking the chance. Looking back, I had no idea what I was in for. Photography is a constant learning experience. It's one of the many things I love about it. You can never truly master it. I definitely had a steep learning curve to overcome at my first wedding. But I did it and my friend was delighted with the photos. After that first experience, I was hooked. 


2. What is your style of photography?

If you've looked over my website, you should get a sense that moments are important to me. Whether it's a bride and groom or someone playing sports or someone up on stage playing music, moments are important. They will transport you back to that day. They will resurrect a moment long since forgotten. And you'll laugh about it all over again. Long after the dress doesn't fit anymore and the tux jacket won't button, you'll still have those memories. They will be forever frozen in time, always ready to take you back to that day. 


3. How many photographers will cover my wedding?

This is a great question. I will be the only photographer shooting photographs on your wedding day. If a second photographer is requested, I can definitely work with you in obtaining an additional photographer.


4. What kind of cameras and equipment do you use?

I get this question so much now, that I decided to add it to my FAQ section. I currently use Canon 6D Digital Cameras and Canon Professional 'L'  lenses as well as Canon speedlites. I always have a minimum of 3 camera bodies at any wedding I'm photographing. I also have redundancies built in as far as extra batteries, memory cards, etc. I'm also very fond of Fuji's new line of X-series cameras and I usually have one of those along as well. They're very light and unobtrusive, and work well for those intimate moments when the mood cannot be spoiled. 


5. How long until I can see my edited photos? 

My contract states you will receive your photos no later than 45 days after your wedding day. 24-48 hours after your wedding, I will upload 15-25 shots that you are free to tag so family and friends can see them. These photos will have my watermark. The final edited files you receive on a USB drive will not be watermarked. 


6. If none of the wedding packages fit my budget, how flexible are you?

I can definitely work with you to construct a wedding package that fits your budget. 


7. Do we receive the RAW/unedited files?

You will not receive any unedited files and they are not available for purchase. If a file is an outtake; eyes closed, etc., it will not be kept in my archived collection of files. 


8. What should I do if I want to hire you?

Send me an email through this website using the 'contact' form and we will get the ball rolling. A deposit of 50% is due with the return of the signed contract. This will lock in your date. (I accept cash, check and PayPal)